International Dance Theatre Festival Zawirowania was founded in 2005 by Wlodzimierz Kaczkowski and Elwira Piorun. Initially, the aim of the initiative was to confront Central European dance community, exchanges of experience and techniques. The festival's programme included countries not well recognized in Poland in the area of contemporary dance, such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Belarus and Russia to focus on interesting actions, (partially) common historical context and the possibility of cooperation. However, from the beginning, apart from artists from neighbouring countries and the Visegrad Group, artists from all over the Europe also took part in the festival. In the following years, the geographical aspect of Zawirowania faded away. The profile of the festival has not changed, focusing on dance theatre. The festival also consists of educational workshops. Nowadays, every year we try to create a repertoire of the festival based on a specific topic or geographic region. Since the beginning of the festival we invited big and smaller groups from Europe and all around the world: Cullberg Ballet, Kibbutz, Norrdans, Leesaar, Zapalla Dance Company, Granhoj Dans, Tchekpo Dance Company, China Wave and others. The festival is accompanied by a block of educational workshops. The dance pieces are presented in different points of Warsaw, on different stages.