2019 is a special year for Zawirowania International Dance Theatre Festival – we celebrate the jubilee 15th edition of our activity! On this occasion we invited to Warsaw one of the most famous dance companies all over the world, an unique star – Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Companyfrom Israel. This year’s edition will be held under two slogans: ‘The crossing’and‘Looking for Asylum’. The first one refers to the multicultural meeting and the crossing of traditions. The slogan relates also to the cooperation between Zawirowania Dance Theatre with Indian Navdhara Dance Companywhich results in the common play – ‘The Crossing’. The project will take part in the Festival as one of the jubilee repertoire’s positions. What is more, you will have an opportunity to see performances of the companies representing extremely different cultures from all over the world – Peru, USA, Italy, Hungary, Singapore, Israel, Belarus and Poland. Next to the cooperation with India we will show the effects of the collaboration of Zawirowania Dance Theatre withValerie Green /Dance Entropyfrom New York City.

The slogan ‘Looking for Asylum’ refers to the explorations in the world of different cultures by dance and movement. In addition to references to the social and political migration, the asylum is a place of the escape from civilisation and the problems of the modern world. Asylum in the artistic sense will be an international cooperation enabling meeting new people, opening the mind in terms of sensitivity to other cultures and a different understanding of the world.

All the performances of 15th edition of the Festival will take social and psychological subject up treating dance as a form of expression. Jubilee edition of Zawirowania Festival is a place of the presentation of one’s own and different visions of the contemporary world – for some, the embodiment of happiness, for others, identified with corruption. As always, we have prepared an unique repertoire. Additionally, after the performances there will take place the meetings with the artists who will also conduct dance workshops during they stay in Warsaw. The performances will be shown in different locations. Celebrate ZAWIROWANIA 2019 with us!


26.05.2019 // 2:00 PM & 5:00 PM // Vistulan Boulevards & New Town Market Place

The Physical Theater Inzhest “ALIENS”

27.05.2019 // 7:00 PM // Studio Theatre


14.06.2019 // 7:00 PM // Zawirowania Center – Belwederska

Teatr Tańca Zawirowania „Po Godzinach”

15.06.2019 // 7:00 PM // Zawirowania Center – Belwederska

Compagnia Atacama „TU MIA (You Mine)”

16.06.2019 & 17.06.2019 // 19:00 // Pin-Up Studio

The Human Expression Dance Company „Invisible Habitudes”

18.06.2019 // 7:00 PM // Zawirowania Center – Belwederska


19.06.2019 // 7:00 PM // Zawirowania Center – Belwederska

Teatr Tańca Zawirowania & Navdhara India Dance Theatre „THE CROSSING”

21.06.2019 // 8:00 PM & 8:00 PM // Zawirowania Center – Belwederska

Aleksandra Krajewska „Lullaby for the Restless”

Akademia Tańca Zawirowania & Elwira Piorun "Lilith - zakazana kobiecość"

22.06.2019 // 7:00 PM // Zawirowania Center – Belwederska

Clairobscur Dance „Supremacy Ride”

23.06.2019 // 7:00 PM // Zawirowania Center – Belwederska

Valerie Green/Dance Entropy "RIGHT NOW"

23.06.2019 // 7:00 PM // Zawirowania Center – Belwederska

Teatr Tańca Zawirowania & Valerie Green/Dance Entropy "EVERYTHING" - POLSKA PREMIERA

25.06.2019 // 7:00 PM // Zawirowania Center – Belwederska

Ferenc Fehér „THE STATION”



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